• Play Kirtan!

    April 2 – 6, 2024

    Hridaya Yoga France
    Longeval, St-Just-d’Avray

    This course aims at deepening and refining the musical quality and spiritual understanding of the practice of chanting mantras, named kirtan or bhajan in Sanskrit.

    While this practice in itself is simple and accessible to anyone, with no need for specific knowledge or training, its spiritual depth and spectrum of musical unfolding will benefit greatly from the guiding presence of one or several facilitating musicians with certain skills – and this might be you!

    The workshop follows two main topics: on the one hand, to expand and to refine your musical vocabulary, improving rhythmic firmness, variety of rhythms, awareness of musical dramaturgy, tempo and dynamic variations. And on the other hand, to deepen your metaphysical understanding of the power of …


    Your individual journey to inner balance and happiness

    Yoga can help you in so many ways. Its millenial teachings contain powerful tools to regain balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Yoga affirms that when this balance is restored, your Being naturally rests in a state of well-being, happiness and presence.

    “Over the years of teaching yoga and living in yogic environments, I could witness powerful transformations happening in those who immersed themselves in yoga teachings and practice. People would heal from physical disease. They would get over states of burnout and anxiety, and gain clarity about their further life path. They would reveal a deeper sense of connection with themselves and with Life, and as a consequence, feel a deeper purpose in their movement through life. They

  • Loving discipline

    The only disadvantage of practicing yoga is that you have to do it. What sounds like a bit of a redundant statement, is actually describing one of the main obstacles on the path of many yoga lovers. When we start to get involved with yoga, we may hear about all the wonderful benefits that yoga can bring into our life: health & fitness, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual opening and realization, deep bliss and happiness… A whole new dimension of potential and transformation opening up!
    But then we might also hear accounts of the amount of practice that the yogis of lore would engage in, which are usually somewhat intimidating: yogi XY doing that same practice we just learned for 8 hours per day during 7 years… While this kind …

  • Shining Heart Retreat

    7-day option:
    August 6-12, 2023
    August 14-20, 2023

    5-day option:
    August 6-10, 2023
    August 14-18, 2023

    Ecoaldea Espiral, North Portugal

    Practice yoga as it is meant to be. Spend a week in joyful simplicity.

    During this retreat, you will be gently guided to open your Heart through classical Hatha Yoga practice and various silent meditation techniques. Read more

    For this summer’s edition of our popular Shining Heart Retreat, we have chosen a truly unique location: the Espiral ecovillage in the mountains of Northern Portugal is one of those places where nature itself receives you from its most gentle side, inviting you to nurture yourself resting in the shade of so many trees, go for a walk in the mountains or taking a dip in one of many natural pools of …