Your individual journey to inner balance and happiness

Yoga can help you in so many ways. Its millenial teachings contain powerful tools to regain balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Yoga affirms that when this balance is restored, your Being naturally rests in a state of well-being, happiness and presence.

“Over the years of teaching yoga and living in yogic environments, I could witness powerful transformations happening in those who immersed themselves in yoga teachings and practice. People would heal from physical disease. They would get over states of burnout and anxiety, and gain clarity about their further life path. They would reveal a deeper sense of connection with themselves and with Life, and as a consequence, feel a deeper purpose in their movement through life. They would open to perceive life not only through the lense of their personal limitations, but from an inner recognition of boundless freedom and Love.”

Kilian Hübinger, Suryamandala Yoga

This process of rebalancing and revelation will look different for each person. It may be fast for some and slower for others. Results may be spectacular for some and very gradual for others. But in one way or the other, if you stay with the practice, yoga will take you by the hand and guide you home.

EQUILIBRIUM sessions are a unique opportunity of working one-on-one with an experienced yoga teacher, in order to develop yoga and lifestyle practices that are specifically tailored to your needs. These sessions are a gift to yourself, allowing you to let go of contractions and feelings of density, and to breathe into the spaciousness of Being.

Depending on your needs, an EQUILIBRIUM session may contain:

  • empathic listening in Presence and compassion
  • balancing yoga and meditation techniques adapted to your needs
  • Self-Inquiry: detaching from your mind, connecting to your Heart
  • Chakra work
  • Opening to universal Consciousness
  • advice about diet and other lifestyle choices
  • balancing your energy system and connecting with universal life force
  • reclaiming your power through affirmations and prayer
  • allowing Self-Love, cultivating Self-care
  • compassionate communication practices
  • and more

Sessions are held online via Skype, or in person in Villanueva de la Vera, Spain (on occasion also at other locations).


Llamada de conocernos (15-20 minutos): GRATIS

Discovery call (15-20 minutes): FREE
60 minutes session: 49€
90 minutes session: 69€

5 hours package: 199€ (valid for a period of 2 months)
10 hours package: 349€ (valid for a period of 4 months)
These packages will be split up into 60- and/or 90-minute sessions according to what seems most suitable for our journey together.

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