Personal Retreat

Do you already have an established yoga and/or meditation practice and are longing to go deeper?

We invite you to do as the Indian yogis did: to let yourself embrace in the arms of Mother Nature, free from distractions, purify your body, mind and soul, and dive deep into the bliss of your own Being.

In a personal retreat, we provide everything you need on the material level: your own private tent space in the midst of a shady forest, shower and toilet facilities, 3 delicious vegetarian meals and drinking water… The rest is up to you: you may choose to spend this time in complete solitude and/or silence, or you may participate in our ongoing community life and evening activities.
Please note that this retreat format does not include any guided practices. However, our instructors will always be available to guide you through any challenges that may come up during this time of self-reflection.

In 2021, we offer to host your personal retreat during the months of July, August and September. Please contact us for further details.