Suryamandala Yoga Retreats are held on the edge of a rural finca called “TierraLuz”, home of a small, evolving intentional community. TierraLuz is situated close to the village of Arbucies, in the foothills of the Montseny mountains. This mountain range is famous for its especially pure waters and is a paradise for nature walks and hikes.

Just a bit over an hour from the bustling city of Barcelona, TierraLuz is a true getaway, a sanctuary of quietness and purity.

TierraLuz is an off-grid property set up for a sustainable lifestyle involving a more conscious use of natural resources. We invite our guests to be open to experience the benefits of this voluntary simplicity, even if it might challenge some habits.
TierraLuz has its own water and solar power supplies. For ecological reasons, we use dry composting toilets.

Our yoga camp is set up on a small clearing on the edge of the property, bordering a lush forest. There is ample shade during the hot hours of the day, as well as places to take a sun & air bath.


We provide equipped cotton tents. You can choose between a small, simple tent just with a mattress and bedding, and a more comfortable 3-meter bell tent that is furnished with a queen size mattress, bedside table and reading light.